Welcome to the best online course!  This is possible because you are the greatest student!  I look forward to an enriching experience in the next few weeks.

PRAYER: Father God in the name of Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity to teach these students.  I pray a blessing over all of them.  Bring clarity and focus to all assignments and tests.  Touch their home lives and their circumstances so that they will be able put the right amount of effort on their assignments.  Let this be an opportunity for your Grace to be experienced.  We thank you in advance for all the “A” grades.  Amen.  Phillippians 4:13

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fall grades

intro grades fall 13

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play critique assignment

play critique  this link will send you to the information you need.

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Chapter 7 intro: acting

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intro chapter 8: the art of directing

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Chapter 9: The Art of Design

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The Formula Plot

The parts of a formula plot story are; event, disturbance, point of attack (poa), conflict, crisis, complication, dark moment, enlightenment, climax and denouement.  I want to take a look at each section.

EVENT: the event is how a story starts.  It sets up the world that the characters are in, or the reason why the characters are in this world.

DISTURBANCE: so now something has to happen to push the story along, this is usually the thing that gets our attention and makes us want to know how things are going to end up.  Most of the time the disturbance happens early on, but their are some plays like A Raisin in the Sun which doesn’t have a disturbance until halfway through the play.

POA: This is where one of the main characters makes a major decision in reference to the disturbance.  Now the trick to writing this down is that you MUST have the word “decides” in your sentence.  Neo decides to take the pill or simba decides to run away.

CONFLICT: the conflict is where you have the protagonist vs the antagonist.  The key here is that you must word it as a “versus” conflict.  The different kind of big picture conflicts are Man vs Man, Man vs Nature, Man vs Himself, Man vs God.  You can now make it more specific according to your story.  Spongebob vs Squidward (man vs man).  james franco in 127 hours vs rock (man vs nature), hamlet (man vs himself). pursues in clash of the titans (man vs god).

CRISIS and COMPLICATION  are similar but have a crucial difference.  When a character is working towards a goal their will be things that make it difficult for them to reach the goal.  A crisis is when something is actively trying to stop them from reaching the goal.  A complication is when something is inactively making things difficult.  For example if i am in a car and I am being chased and shot at, i am in a crisis.  as i try to escape i run into rush-hour traffic and my tire goes flat, this is a complication.

DARK MOMENT: At this stage of the story is when things look the absolute worst for the main character.  Whether they are facing death or about to loose something valuable or somehow their goal looks unattainable.

ENLIGHTENMENT: This is the solution to the problem in the dark moment.  The solution may come from anywhere or anyone as long as it gets the main character out of the predicament they are in.

CLIMAX: Now that the main character has been enlightened on how to beat the person or thing in their conflict, they must go about doing it.  The climax is the point of the highest tension in the story.  When the main character finally defeats their nemesis.

DENOUMENT: After everyone or everything has been defeated or the major problem has been solved, there is usually a sort of walking off into the sunset moment.  A moment in the story where  we see how the main characters life is now better after going through the ordeal.

So keep this breakdown in mind because you will be seeing/using it again.

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